Creation of museological and artistic projects

The universe of museums, cultural spaces and private collections is permeated by the cultural patrimony theme, building up a dialogue with society and generating the concrete experience on the concepts of research, conservation and disclosure. The creation and development of museological and artistic projects require preparation, execution and assessment, all of which must be well articulated as to certify a satisfactory final result. The main goal is to achieve a multidisciplinary and strategic view on the project development, approaching theory and developing the adequate methodology to fulfil the particularity of each demand. Ideas are customized and solutions are generated without losing the museological point of view.


  • Administrative management and coordination of the content of museums, cultural centres and private collections;
  • Preparation, execution and management of technical reserves projects;
  • Creating and implementing conservation and cleaning policies for museums;
  • Developing and assembling long-term and itinerant exhibitions;
  • Organizing documental, archival and bibliographic collections;
  • Emission of reports and technical appraisals;
  • Creating, reviewing and coordinating publications on Museology and related subjects;
  • Developing and managing Educational Programmes;
  • Consultancy and development of budget planning;
  • Managing and fitting projects under culture incentive laws and regulations.