The advent of the Internet opened a field full of possibilities for activities in Museums and Cultural Spaces. Using Information Technologies and Communications (ITCs) in the virtual media, the access to information is democratized and becomes unlimited. Museal’s proposal is positioning the institution in the virtual world, where today there are several resources available using multimedia languages, a way beyond the simple relation visitant X object. What we have now is the possibility of broadening the channels that engage the interface between visitants/users and information. For “concrete” spaces, visits can even be improved, considering the guest will be able to further explore the content of exhibitions with much more information available. Regarding exclusively virtual spaces, the possibilities can be even wider because it is possible to recreate nonexistent places or even represent unique spaces, developed in the virtual reality.

Exploring Hypermedia Language:

  • Development of a Virtual Museum;
  • Creating a Virtual Tour;
  • Creating a Panoramic View, with a 360º resource;
  • Developing virtual environments in 3D and 4D;
  • Developing interactive websites;
  • Creating social media profiles;
  • Applying Augmented Reality;
  • Information and events calendar sent via SMS, Bluetooth and podcasts.