Solutions for modernization of spaces

The profile of museum visitors has been changing, and increasingly they look for an experience of entertainment and knowledge. This way it is important that the language adopted in museographic projects meets the visitor’s perspective of reality. The Information Technologies and Communications are creative and innovative means of prioritizing and contextualizing contents from an informational basis. Interactivity, movement and navigation are elements which contribute to keeping this space live. Nowadays technology is getting closer and more present in people’s everyday life, providing freedom to the user, once the technological supports depend directly on their manipulation and intervention. For instance, this new dynamics makes the mobile phone become a device for broadcasting information and adding content which can follow the user, even after the visit to an exhibition.

Ways of exploring Hypermedia Language:

  • Installing portable or fixed audio-guides;
  • Tailoring exhibition spaces with sensorial resources (sounds, images, textures and aromas);
  • Digitalizing collections in varied supports;
  • Developing an efficient database for cataloguing collections;
  • Using mobile phone tools, such as Bluetooth, podcast, sound and images.