Organization of Institutional Memory

Recreating the institutional memory inside the company’s reality is a way of understanding the historical development as a transformer agent. And it can be used to guide planning and management processes, using collected data and information about the company’s trajectory, legitimizing its identity and values. The corporate memory gathering doesn’t have to be limited to the company, but can also be related to its “characters” (people and contributors) and “references” which were part of the company’s history, such as its founders, leaders, managers, employees, products and services, economic segments and country regions. Projects of this kind go beyond the gathering of past data, e.g. documents and old images. It is in fact a strategic action, which should take into account the company’s history – one of its most important heritages. The result of an institutional memory project is putting on a record of the organization’s identity throughout its own history, an asset that can be used in favour of its development and future prospect.